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Global Pravasi Rishta Portal (Rishta Portal)

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Greetings! from Consulate General of India, Myanmar

Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, Government of India has launched a new Global Pravasi Rishta Portal in 2021. The main objective/aim of the portal is to establish regular interaction between Consulate, Ministry of external affairs, Government of India and our Pravasi diaspora (i.e NRI, PIO and OCI card holders. The portal would enable communication with you on a real-time basis and support issuing emergency/advisories being offered by the Indian Government to the diaspora. It would also enable you to reach the consular officers/services in time of emergency. It also provides a basket of services to Indian diaspora; and of course sharing of various schemes and services of Government of India.

2. You are requested to register with the Global Pravasi Rishta Portal (Rishta Portal) on the website: https://pravasirishta.gov.in/home. The link for registration is https://pravasirishta.gov.in/userreg.