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General Information (Visa)


1.      In case of non-Myanmar passport holders, visas will be issued after 72 (Seventy Two) hrs (working days only) of submission of application subject to clearance from Indian Embassy in country of origin of applicant. The applicants (with valid Myanmar Visa) are required to mention clearly in the visa application form the intended the port of entry and exit.

2.      Myanmar Diplomatic and Official passport holders are exempted from visa requirements if their period of stay/visit in India does not exceed more than 90 days after date of entry into India.


3.      Applicants who have been granted Student/Research/Medical/Employment visas have to comply with registration formalities at the nearest Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) within 14 days of their arrival in India. List of FRRO office in India can be downloaded from the following link: FRRO Offices


4.      Applicants who have been granted long term visas (i.e more than 180 days), also have to register with the nearest FRRO office, if their stay in India is likely to exceed more than 180 days.
Failure to register will attract a penal fee of US $ 30
(As per the RBI’s Notification No.16, dated May 3, 2000, the payments can be made in Rupees by Foreign nationals during their visits to India).


5. As per the latest guidelines issued by the Department of Telecommunications (DOT), Government of India, illegal use of Thuraya Satellite Phone is not permitted in India. Unauthorized use violates section 4 of Indian Telegraphic Act 1885 and the violator can be penalized and the device would be detained/confiscated as per the existing procedures till the time the holder of the device is able to produce a license issued by the DOT.


6.      All enquiries relating to visa may be addressed to Assistant Consular Officer, Consulate General of India, Mandalay at:
Telephone No:02-81019
Email : 


As per the existing guidelines of Ministry of Home Affairs, carrying satellite phones by foreigners into India is banned.