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Global Passport Seva Project

The facility for online application for re-issue of Indian Passport and other miscellaneous Passport Services has been launched at the Consulate General of India, Mandalay under ‘Global Passport Seva Project’. Passport applicants are advised to avail of the facility by visiting the link https://portal6.passportindia.gov.in and register themselves by following the instructions provided in the website. The duly signed printout of the successfully submitted online application form may be submitted to the Consulate General of India, Mandalay along with supporting documents.



Indian Passports are issued to all Indian citizens living in Myanmar as expatriates or as long term residents who wish to maintain Indian citizenship and who have valid Myanmar visa.All Indian passports issued from Embassy of India, Yangon are Machine Readable Passports (MRP). Passport applications are processed online and passport booklets are issued by the Central Passport Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi.

The minimum time for process and issue of Indian passports is two to three weeks from the date of submission of application subjected to receive the printed passport from (New Delhi) India. Passport application forms are available at reception of the Consulate.


  1. Issue of New Passports.
  2. Re-issue of fresh passport on expiration /exhaustion of pages of existing passport.
  3. Issue of Duplicate Passports in lieu of lost or damaged passport.
  4. Issue of Short validity Passport to the Person of India Origin (PIOs).
  5. Miscellaneous services.


Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Passports

Person of Indian Origin (PIO) passports are issued only to persons of Indian origin residing in Myanmar and holding the Foreigners Registration Certificates (FRCs) issued by the Government of Myanmar. The purpose of issue of PIO passports is to facilitate travel to India by persons of Indian origin who do not possess any other identification document. PIO passports are issued with a validity of 6 (six) months at a time and are extendable for further period of six months and are valid only for travel between India and Myanmar. A fee of US $ 75.00 (Seventy five) for 36 pages passport and $100.00 for 60 pages passport would be charged.


  1. Completed Passport Application Form
  2. Three colour photographs.
  3. Original FRC and a copy of its notarized translation. (The original FRC will be returned after the processing is completed)
  4. Supportive documents to prove Indian origin
  5. A Sworn Affidavit testifying that applicant is of Indian origin.


Ordinary passport for 10 years (fresh) (36 pages)

US Dollars 75/-

Ordinary passport for 10 years (fresh) (60 pages)

US Dollars 100/-

Ordinary passport booklet, maximum validity of 5 years for minor children below the age of 18 years(Fresh) (36 pages)

US Dollars 50/-

Duplicate, Lost, Stolen, Damaged Passport

i)For replacement of 36 pages passport booklet

US Dollars 150/-

ii)For replacement of 60 pages passport booklet

US Dollars 175/-

Additional Ordinary passport containing 36 pages for any country with initial validity up to one year

US Dollars 75/-

Person of Indian origin (PIO) passport for Myanmar, Fresh booklet with initial validity 06 month 36 page.

US Dollars 75/-

Emergency Certificate

US Dollars 15/-

Certificate of Identity

US Dollars 50/-

Issue of Police Clearance Certificate or Surrender Certificate or any other miscellaneous certificates based on the passport

US Dollars 25/-

Note: In addition a Service Charge of US$ 2/-(US$ Two) per applicant will have to be paid along with the above mentioned charges

General requirements for issue of a new passport (after expiry of validity or exhaustion of pages)

  1. Application Form with three (3) colored photographs (Size – 2” X 2” and Blue/white background). One photograph is to be pasted on the application form and two are to be attached.
  2. Original Passport to be submitted with the application..
  3. A copy of the passport including the Myanmar visa also to be attached with the application.

General Requirements for issue of a duplicate passport in lieu of lost or damaged Passport.

  1. An application intimating the circumstances leading to loss/damage of passport and a request for issue of a duplicate passport, to be submitted personally.
  2. A copy of the Police report of loss filed with local police station in the case of lost passport.
  3. Any document to prove identity of the applicant (e.g. driving licence, PAN card, Election ID).
  4. A copy of the lost/damaged passport with Myanmar visa.
  5. All other requirements as mentioned in case of issue of new passport.

Requirements for Minors

All minor children below the age of 15 are required to have separate passports. Their names cannot be included in the parent's passports. A minor child is issued with a passport of a maximum validity of 5 (five) years or till 15 years of age whichever is less. Minors between the ages of 15 to 18 years of age are issued regular passports with 10 years validity. General requirements for Minors for issue of passports are the same as for regular passports. Application forms in case of minors can be submitted with either the thumb impression of the minor or signature of the minor attested by the parents.


  1. The applicant will have to come in person to the Consulate.
  2. The application must be filled by a ball pen only.
  3. If the passport has already expired and a period of more than six months has elapsed, a Sworn Affidavit for late submission is to be submitted along with the application.
  4. The practice of issue of additional booklets to existing passport holders for facilitation of frequent travelers has been discontinued with. Fresh passports with 10 years validity are issued to applicants who do not have vacant pages in their existing passports. The process of issue of passports takes a minimum of two to three weeks; hence Passport holders who are running out of pages in their existing passports are advised to apply well in advance.
  5. More information (FAQ)’s related to Indian passport can be seen at website https://passport india.gov.in